Comment Policy

I moderate all comments before posting. Although I welcome disagreements and criticisms, I do insist on a civil tone in everything that appears on my site. Any of the following will result in a comment being excluded without reply or explanation.

  • Spam. Although links back to relevant blogs are welcome, I will not support direct promotion of commercial enterprises.
  • Profanity. This is a site for grownups, so I don’t mind thoughtful references to sexuality or mild profanity. This includes the occasional use of words like “damn” or “bastards,” particularly when used in an ironic or satirical context. Gratuitous profanity, pornography, or words that would be offensive in mixed company will not be tolerated.
  • Personal attacks. This is my biggest no-no. Disagree with what is said, but always respect the speaker. Character attacks and the politics of personal destruction are a cancer in our civic discourse, and a threat to our democracy. Showing respect for those with whom we disagree is essential if our civilization is to flourish into the next century.
  • Threats. An sort of threat will be forwarded immediately to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

The above are pretty normal for thoughtful web sites. To these, I will add another request. Please check your posts for spelling and grammar. I believe that sloppy use of language reflects sloppy thinking. If a post simply has a few misspellings or minor grammatical errors, I reserve the right to correct them. If it us unreadable, I will delete it.

Thank you, and above all, please share your thoughts with this community.


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