Fiction & Poetry

The writing in this section represents that portion of my literary work that does not fit into a blog format. It includes a novel I wrote to explore certain ideas about technology and human community that did not lend themselves to more technical writing. It also includes those poems I have written that I feel have at least some merit.

I hope you will download, read, and enjoy them. Although I am not charging, I would love to hear from you, either in the comments at the end of this page, or by emailing me directly.

Novel: What Air Supports Us

What Air Supports Us explores the often difficult relationship between information technology and human community. Dr. Elizabeth Florczyk is a computer scientist working in a prototype intelligent building: a specially designed research laboratory that can detect the presence of its occupants, respond to their requests, and even anticipate their needs. In spite of these abilities, when a high ranking corporate executive is found murdered near his desk, the building has no record of anyone entering his office near the time of his death. When corporate management asks her to help the police search the building’s computer systems for evidence of the killer’s identity, Elizabeth begins an inquiry that not only reveals the murderer among her colleagues, but also exposes the tragic secrets of several innocent people. Determined to see the investigation through, she must confront both the dark, essential currents of human relationships, and the threat she herself poses to her rational, enlightened community.

Selected Poems

Poetry was my first literary passion. I majored in Poetry as an undergrad (although I will not inflict any of those early poems on you), and as I moved through my life, I wrote the occasional poem to help make sense of the things life has brought me. I have selected a small number of them that I believe have merit. Please enjoy these Selected Poems.


My work is copyrighted. Please do not excerpt it without attribution, or use it for any commercial purpose without my permission.

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