One of my goals in retiring is to develop new professional opportunities, particularly those involving the skills I developed and applied through my career at Sandia Laboratories. These include:

  • web site design and implementation
  • software development
  • interaction design
  • communications and information design
  • organizational ethnography
  • usability
  • risk management
  • knowledge management
  • process improvement

These are the skills I developed through my career at Sandia Laboratories, and are also the subject of most of my publications. I am eager to apply them in new areas.

Currently, I  am enjoying a self-funded sabbatical that will last into the Autumn of 2012, and am not taking on work (although I would be happy to discuss projects that would start later in the year). Look for more information on my consulting practice at this URL in the summer.

I hope we can work together later in the year!

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